Our Story

We are east coast natives who would make the 30 minute drive into Houston every weekend for bagels. Once we realized just how few bagels there were in the city, we decided to change that and make our own. We have spent countless hours perfecting our version of a Jersey bagel for you to enjoy.

Our Mission

Our mission? Let’s not kid ourselves……it’s to serve a REAL bagel! With the undying support of our amazing community, family and friends we will continue slinging bagels and have some fun in the process! Speaking of fun, scroll down to see what our awesome customers have created with our bagels. 

What We Offer

We do bagels the right way. We hand roll every bagel, boil them and top both sides. Our cream cheese is also made in house. For those looking for the classics or those looking for something a little more funky, we offer something for everyone to enjoy! We can do small orders, large orders, and catering. Click the “Events” tab above to see where we will be or for ordering information contact us below.

Customer Creations

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